US Congress delegation visits Turathna exhibition

A US Congress delegation visited the Turathna (Our Heritage) exhibition in Egypt for handicrafts and traditional industries.

The delegation toured various sections of the exhibition, during which they inspected the services provided by the Egyptian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (MSMEDA) to project owners.

They also inspected the exhibitor’s products which embody Egyptian arts and creativity from various governorates, and expressed their admiration for the quality and high taste of the exhibits.

The congressional delegation is currently visiting Egypt to get acquainted with the comprehensive development process currently taking place in the Egyptian state, especially with regard to the small and micro enterprises sector, and to discuss aspects of bilateral cooperation and strengthening the strategic partnership between Egypt and the US.

Minister of Trade and Industry and the president of MSMEDA, Nevine Gamea, expressed to the US delegation her appreciation for this visit, which expresses the interest attached by various international bodies to see what Egypt is achieving in terms of economic development in various sectors, including the small projects sector.

She noted that the handicrafts and heritage industries has the ability to provide thousands of decent and sustainable job opportunities for citizens, and to drive growth rates in general, in addition to the promising potential that it can contribute to providing a high-quality product capable of competing in foreign markets.


An important visit

Gamea stressed the importance of the US delegation’s visit to the exhibition, as it is the largest regional forum for owners of traditional arts and craftsmen.

She said that the visit represents a strong impetus to encourage project owners to develop their products and increase their competitiveness, which helps them to reach global markets.

The MSMEDA is working to provide various aspects of support to the small enterprise sector, especially technical services that build capacities and develop youth skills in entrepreneurship and project management, to enable them to keep pace with the rapid changes that the markets are currently witnessing, as well as to enhance the capabilities of projects in success and continuity.

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