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US actions in Middle East trigger “new regional turbulence,” Chinese ambassador to UN says

From CNN’s Teele Rebane and Martha Zhou

The United States’ actions in Syria and Iraq are “triggering new regional turbulence,” said Zhang Jun, Chinese ambassador to the United Nations, condemning US airstrikes in the region.

“Recently, the United States carried out airstrikes in Syria and Iraq, resulting in a large number of casualties. These actions gravely violate the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Syria and Iraq,” Zhang said, speaking at the Security Council’s Emergency Open Session on US Airstrikes in Syria and Iraq.

“The relevant military actions are undoubtedly triggering new regional turbulence,” he added.

Zhang said the international community had the responsibility to reduce tensions and prevent the escalation of conflicts.

“The US says it does not seek to create conflicts in the Middle East or anywhere else, but it runs in the opposite direction,” he said, adding that “the root cause is that the ceasefire and cessation of hostilities in Gaza have been unable to be implemented.”

This came after the US fired a series of airstrikes on Friday to destroy 84 targets of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Iran-backed militias in Iraq and Syria.

It was in response to a drone attack by Iran-backed militants that killed three US service members and wounded scores more in Jordan more than a week ago.

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