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Up to 87 aid trucks enter Gaza Strip via Rafah crossing

Egyptian authorities in North Sinai announced that 87 aid trucks have entered the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing border.

An official source in North Sinai said that the aid, provided by several Egyptian parties, includes food, medicine, medical supplies, and relief materials, and was entered in coordination with the Egyptian Red Crescent, its Palestinian counterpart, and the United Nations Relief and Works Organization for Palestinian Refugees.

The source added that the Rafah crossing border received 132 people holding Egyptian passports and seven people holding Omani passports, in addition to receiving 20 wounded from hospitals in Gaza Strip for treatment at Egyptian hospitals.

The head of the Egyptian Red Crescent branch in North Sinai, Khaled Zayed stated that the Arish International Airport in North Sinai continues to receive aid planes provided by Arab and foreign countries and regional and international organizations.

The airport on Tuesday received five planes carrying various forms of aid.

The first plane from Saudi Arabia carried 25 tons, the second from the UAE carried five tons, the third from Pakistan carried 20 tons, the fourth from Iraq and carried 18 tons and the fifth, also from Iraq, carried 13 tons.

Zayed explained that the number of planes that arrived at Al-Arish International Airport, from October 12 until now, is 370 planes carrying about 11.5 thousand tons of various aid.

This aid was provided by 35 Arab and foreign countries and 15 regional and international organizations, he added, and consisted of humanitarian aid, medicines, supplies, medical devices, foodstuffs, tents, and equipped ambulances.

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