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Unstable weather across Egypt during Ramadan: EMA

Egypt will see atmospheric pressure variations coinciding with the advent of the month of Ramadan – and bringing with it unstable weather.

Weather maps from the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) warned that March will see active surface winds stirring up sand and dust.

Temperatures will drop accompanied by a chance of heavy, possibly thunderous, rainfall.

The EMA attributed the unstable weather to the passage of varying air masses.

Several regions in Egypt will be impacted by warm air masses originating from the Western Sahara, then crossing over to be replaced by cold air masses originating from the European continent.

Mists are expected to form on highways, agricultural roads, and near bodies of water during the first hours of the morning.

The EMA urged citizens to keep wearing heavy clothing as the winter season will continue until March 22.

The unstable weather is predicted to last until April.

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