Universities organized 90 medical convoys in 2023 in cooperation with “Decent Life”: Higher education

Minister of Higher Education Ayman Ashour asserted the keenness of the Ministry of Higher Education on participating in the efforts of “Decent Life” initiative to develop the community and improve living condition, adding that the universities organized 90 medical convoys in 2023.

He pointed out to continuous work to activate the role of universities and higher education to serve the surrounding environment and achieve integration between the academic, industrial and services academy in face of developmental, economic and social challenges in the region.

Ashour pointed out to a protocol inked between the Supreme Council of Universities and “Decent Life” foundation that aims at improving the educational, health, economic and social level of the needy families in Egypt.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of the council Moustafa Refaat said that 90 medical convoys, including 27 governmental and Azhar universities, were organized in 2023, adding that 71,959 people benefited from these convoys.

The universities implemented several awareness and services activities as part of the presidential initiative including seminars and awareness convoys, he said.

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