Universal Group strike enters second week in a row

A strike by hundreds of workers at home appliance giant Universal's three gas-cooker factories in the 6th of October City entered its second consecutive week over enhanced payment and profit shares, a labor rights organization said.
According to a statement by the independent Center for Trade Unions and Workers Services, the workers declared a strike last Sunday before the company forced them to leave the factory and said that its buses would cease to transport workers anymore.
Workers gathered this Sunday again to protest police complaints filed by their employers accusing them of instigating the strike.
The workers decried what they described as inequality in payments, saying that while many of them had spent ten years in service for LE1500 monthly, some of their recently-appointed colleagues are paid LE2000.
They also voiced disappointment over the company’s failure to keep its promise of increasing their share in profits.
Universal Group hires 13500 employees and runs eight subsidiaries.

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