UNICEF section at COP27 witnesses the release of 1st Egyptian Metaverse film

The UNICEF section at COP27 Climate summit witnessed, for the first time, the screening of the first Egyptian film using Metaverse technology for the first time.

The movie “Before Extinction” is the first Egyptian experience of its kind to raise awareness of the dangers of climate change and its threatening impact.

It takes the audience on a journey from the beginning of the earth through man’s bad use of nature until the end of the world.

The film was screened in the presence of representatives from UNICEF and the Ministries of Youth and Sports, and Environment.

It was conceived and implemented by journalist Khaled Ammar, and environmental journalist Radwa Hashem, founder of the Environmental Initiatives Network, and Dr. Laman Mohamed.

The film presents the sequence of human life, starting with the creation of the earth and the beauty of nature created by God, and then the first extinction due to carbon emissions, which was one of the reasons for the extinction of dinosaurs.

The film also monitors the brutal human encroachment on nature, the depletion of its resources, and the increase in greenhouse gas emissions with the beginning of the industrial revolution, which caused the acceleration of climate change.

The film is a virtual journey to the future to raise awareness of the dangers of continuing high temperatures.

The outcomes are due to with the continuation of encroachments and abuse against nature, as climate changes begin to take a more dangerous place, and storms and fires spread and drown cities until the world ends with devastation.

The audience wore VR headsets to watch the movie.

The film was also shown in some sections for Arab countries, and international organizations

UNICEF representatives at COP27 praised the use of modern technologies to raise awareness of the importance of climate change, calling for the continuation of such technology projects, especially those working to educate children.


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