Underway logistic preparations for holding presidential election

The National Elections Authority (NEA) on Tuesday said that it has been working regularly to finalize logistic preparations for holding the anticipated presidential election.

This came at a meeting of the NEA, under its Chairman Counselor Walid Hamza, to probe preparations for the upcoming presidential election, according to a statement issued by the authority.

The meeting reviewed samples of electoral process minutes and their lists, encompassing the period between the beginning of balloting till its closure, the statement said.

The sequence of minutes at the polling committees, as well as at the NEA headquarters was also discussed at the meeting, the statement added.

Meanwhile, board members of the NEA discussed using the indelible ink – or “phosphoric ink” – during the electoral process, the required quantities, technical specifications and its adherence to the health standards.

The board meeting tackled the proposed timetable for the election, in line with the dates stipulated by the constitution in this regard.

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