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UN relief agency says one of its aid truck was hit by Israeli fire

From CNN's Tim Lister, Ibrahim Dahman and Duarte Mendonca

The United Nations relief agency in Gaza, UNRWA, says one of its trucks waiting to take aid to northern Gaza was hit by Israeli fire on Monday.

Thomas White, Director of UNRWA Affairs in Gaza, posted a photograph of the damaged truck on X, saying: “#Gaza this morning a food convoy waiting to move into Northern Gaza was hit by Israeli naval gunfire – thankfully no one was injured.” CNN is reaching out to the IDF for comment on the incident.

About the agency: The agency serves 5.9 million Palestinian refugees and faces an uncertain future after Israeli allegations that 13 employees were associated with Hamas’s October 7th attack. In response, the United States and at least 13 of its allies have pulled crucial funding and several employees were fired.

Spain however has announced it will send 3.5 million euros (more than $3.7 million) in additional aid to UNRWA to help assist its humanitarian activities in Gaza, Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares said during a congress speech.

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