Ultras stage rally outside Alexandria Court

Hundreds of the Ultras fans and supporters staged a rally outside the Alexandria Court complex in solidarity with 40s arrested after clashes that broke out on Sunday  following the refusal of the Alexandria Court to issue a verdict at this time in the case of policemen accused of killing protesters during the revolution.

Protesters shouted slogans demanding release of those arrested, marching from the court to the tomb of the unknown soldier in the Manshiya area.

Security was tightened around the court and reinforced with central security troops and vehicles.

The prosecution’s office in Alexandria ordered the detention of 31 of the defendants for four days, pending investigation into clashes between the security forces and protesters on Sunday outside the Alexandria Criminal Court.

The defendants are charged with destroying and burning two police cars, injuring two conscripts and hurling stones at security. The remaining nine were arrested on charges of storming the courtroom.

Clashes erupted before Alexandria’s First Instance Court on Sunday among security and demonstrators, who were protesting in solidarity with families of the revolution’s injured, as security prevented them from attending the session.


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