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Ukraine praises Egypt’s call to stop Russian war

The Member of the Supreme Council for the Administration of Nationalities in Ukraine, Imad Abu-Alrub affirmed the confidence of the Ukrainian people in President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and his ability to establish peace, praising the Egyptian President’s speech to end the Russian-Ukrainian crisis during COP27.

During a telephone interview with al-Mehwar channel, Abu-Alrub said that the world knows well the pioneering and humanitarian role of Egypt in the region as a whole.

“We in Ukraine, as the Supreme Council for the Administration of Nationalities, affiliated to the Ukrainian Cabinet, and as a coordinator of crisis management in Ukraine, have prepared an official letter that includes the solidarity of 20 associations in Ukraine with the speech of President Sisi and welcoming the Egyptian approach,” he added.

“We support this initiative and we will transfer it to the prime minister, and we are in solidarity with it as civil institutions. Egypt has a role and historical depth, and it now has a contemporary role because it enjoys the respect and confidence of Ukraine as well as Russia, and we hope that it will have a prominent role in resolving the crisis,” Abu-Alrub said.

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