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UK triples aid to Gaza and calls for increased flow of supplies to the strip

From CNN's Pauline Lockwood

The UK will triple its aid to Gaza and coordinate efforts with Qatar to increase the flow of supplies and equipment to those most in need in the enclave.

On Thursday, the UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron will oversee 17 tonnes of family-sized tents being loaded onto a plane to Egypt, according to a UK foreign office statement.

Cameron, who is carrying out a diplomatic tour of the Middle East described the “scale of suffering” in Gaza as “unimaginable.”

“More must be done, faster, to help people trapped in this desperate situation. We have trebled our assistance for Gaza, and cooperation with partners like Qatar is helping move life-saving aid and equipment over the border to those living in devastation,” Cameron added in the statement.

The foreign minister said he told Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu during a Wednesday meeting that “far more trucks need to be able to enter Gaza and more crossings need to open.”

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