UK amends travel guidelines to South Sinai and Fayoum Governorate

On Friday, the UK amended the travel guidelines to the southern part of South Sinai and Fayoum Governorate, Egypt, to be safe areas for British tourists.

The step is expected to improve tourist flows to tourist destinations in these areas.

Egypt’s ambassador to the UK Sherif Kamel expressed his appreciation for the British government’s amendment of the travel classification to these areas in line with the stable security situation in various Egyptian governorates. He added the step reflected the continuous and growing progress in bilateral relations between the two countries in various fields.

The step would contribute to strengthening the efforts of tourism companies present in the UK market to expand its programs for tourist destinations in Egypt, Kamel said.

He has many aspirations to build on the positive step to enhance the movement of tourism from the UK to Egypt.

An exciting initiative to restore it to its previous rates and that the UK was one of the main markets exporting tourists to Egypt.

He also referred to infrastructure expansion in many Egyptian tourist destinations.

Either in South Sinai or the Red Sea resorts, which are one of the favorite destinations for British tourists.

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