Uber announces fare increase

Uber company raised the starting fares of its rides from LE4 to LE5 for economy taxis, and from LE5 to LE6 for the premium service.  
Careem's starting fare meanwhile is set at LE5.5.
The company issued a statement saying that despite the hikes, it remains "the most affordable ride in town."
Users will pay, according to Uber's new prices, LE1.5 per kilometer in economy cars, and LE1.7 for Uber Plus taxis. The waiting rate is 25 piasters per minute for economy cars, and 40 piasters per minute for the luxury service cars.
The minimum charge set for the economy cars is LE10, and LE15 for luxury service cars. Uber gets 20 percent of the price of each ride.

Drivers who record between 75 to 100 rides a week used to get a bonus. Uber has now announced that a new, half-weekly bonus system, not related to the number of rides, has been developed.
Each driver will have to achieve a certain target to get a bonus, according to a statement by Uber. If the driver could not achieve the target in the first half of the week, he will still have a chance to achieve it the second half, the statement added.
Drivers who recommend other drivers receive a bonus of LE300 per each new driver who joins the company.
Ride-hailing apps Careem and Ousta have filed complaints in December against their competitor Uber company with the Egyptian Competition Authority, over market flooding and maintaining lower prices than competitors, according to Al-Mal newspaper.
Uber Transportation Network company in Egypt said it didn't raise fares in December as other companies did, in a move that aims to celebrate the company's second anniversary in Egypt, according to a press statement Uber issued on Wednesday, December 7, 2016.
Uber, now active in more than 300 cities globally, launched in Egypt in late 2014, managing to lure hundreds of thousands of customers away from the general taxi service.

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