Two suspected of military intelligence bombing in Ismailia arrested

Security sources told Al-Masry A l-Youm that two jihadis suspected of committing the military intelligence bombing in Ismailia were arrested.

The sources added they were suspected also of killing police and military personnel and forming a gang to rob citizens and cars under duress.
The police exchanged fire with the two suspects before arresting them on Ismailia-Zagazig road while they were stealing a car. One policeman and a suspect were injured, the sources added.
One of the suspects confessed during interrogations forming a gang to rob citizens and attack officers describing them as infidels.
He admitted that the gang killed Brigadier General Taha Zaky on Ismailia road and other 11 military officers and soldiers. He added the gang was responsible for the military intelligence bombing in Ismailia using a car.
According to the defendant, the gang stole one million and 300,000 pounds form the National Societe Generale Bank using automatic rifles after injuring the security personnel, and stole 80,000 pounds that belonged to Sheikh Zayed Post Office after shooting employees, said the security sources.
The security sources said the first defendant, who was shot during the confrontation with the police, travelled to Syria where he was trained to use weapons before he returned to Egypt. The sources added he was formerly detained in 2005.

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