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The two-part salon guide, pt I: Al-Sagheer, Kriss and Khaled

More and more hairdressers are conquering the fashion and hairstyling arena in Cairo, confusing many women as to where to go and whom to choose.

Al-Masry al-Youm, therefore, has gone on a quest to discover the best hairstylists in town. Here are our recommendations:

Mohamed al-Sagheer is the biggest chain for hairstyling and hair products and boasts a branch in every neighborhood in Cairo. Each branch has an adjacent shop that sells imported beauty products that are in high demand most of the time. Perfumes and creams are also available. Most employees are well trained, with the exception of the Lebanese ones.

The manicure and pedicure ladies are also skillful, but they always give priority to their regular customers. Another advantage of al-Sagheer's chain is its team of make-up artists–but call a day or two ahead of your special event to book one (but be warned: it can be pricey). Most branches are always crowded, so expect to be put on a waiting list for at least 30 minutes.

Avoid al-Sagheer salons on weekends, because they are usually packed. If you live downtown, we recommend the Four Seasons branch, which is fast, efficient and friendly. They also have professional waxing people.

Another well-known name is Kriss. This talented stylist has branches in Heliopolis, Mohandeseen and 6th October (and in Hacienda during summertime).

Kriss is by far one of the most talented hair stylists in town. No matter how crowded the place is, there is always someone available to do your hair. The manicure ladies at Kriss are not the best in the world, but all shops use high-quality OPI nail polish, which has a wide variety of colors.

Waxing, too, is provided at Kriss (but not bikini waxing!). Shi and Kerestase hair products, meanwhile, are available at all branches.

“I usually do my hair in Mohandeseen, but once I was in Heliopolis and passed by Kriss and found the same welcoming service–even though I wasn’t a regular,” says one satisfied customer.

For Maadi residents, Butterfly on road 206 is another recommended option, where staff members are friendly and skillful, especially those responsible for manicures and pedicures.

“Khaled, the owner of the salon, is the best at cutting hair but is also systematic with coloring,” says Nevine Mahmoud, a Butterfly regular.

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