Two killed, 3 injured following Morsy’s victory

A student was shot dead, and two others were injured, in the village of Gao Al-Nawarwah, Assiut, following an exchange of fire between the Al-Ashraf and Abu Shama families, after the presidential election result was announced naming Muslim Brotherhood's candidate Mohamed Morsy the new president of Egypt.

Badari Police Station sheriff conducted preliminary investigations which showed thatthe deceased, Hisham Mohamed Abu Zaid, a student, and one of the two injured, Hamada Abu Zaid Mohamed, both belong to the Abu Shama family that supports Morsy. Ahmed Hamam Ibrahim, who was injured, belongs to the Al-Ashraf family that supports former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq.

As soon as the Presidential Election Commission had announced Morsy’s victory Sunday afternoon, the two families got involved in a fight that led to an exchange of fire.

In Minya, shots fired into the air at Morsy’s victory celebration killed a woman and wounded her niece, who were watching the festivities from their balcony.

The 30-year-old woman was shot in the head, while the 3-year-old girl was shot in the stomach.

The sound of gunfire was also heard in various parts of Nasr City, in eastern Cairo, immediately following the announcement.

Edited and combined translation from MENA

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