Two Eritreans killed attempting to cross into Israel

Two Eritreans have been killed and four injured in an exchange of fire between Bedouin trafficking gangs and border guards on Saturday, sources said.

The smugglers were reportedly helping 42 Eritreans to move from Zafarana into Sinai in order to cross into Israel. They managed to flee after the two Eritreans were shot dead.

The dead were taken to the Suez morgue and the injured to the Suez General Hospital.

Egyptian authorities have complained about the increase in infiltration attempts by African immigrants trying to reach Israel with the help of Bedouin trafficking gangs.

According to Israel, 10,000 African migrants have entered its borders through Egypt over the past few years.

International human rights organizations, meanwhile, have accused Egyptian security forces of using unnecessary force to stop migrants from crossing the border to Israel.

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