Two dead, 19 injured in Sohag fights over bread and gas

Two people were killed and 19 were hurt with gunshot wounds and other injuries in Sohag Governorate after two separate fights over gas and bread in which firearms, clubs and rocks were used.

The first fight broke out in Nagaa Saudi, Sohag, as a result of a disagreement over the price of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders. The second fight took place in Nagaa Bahouq in the town of Maragha over priority to buy bread.

The Sohag Police Department dispatched police to Nagaa Saudi after having received information that two people had been killed and a number had been injured in a fight that erupted between a man selling gas cylinders and a member of the Sawalha family over their price.

The fight escalated as relatives of the two parties joined in, reportedly employing firearms, clubs and stones.
Essam Khalaf, 28, died after being shot in the chest, and Ibrahim al-Badry, 25, was killed when he was shot in the head. Six others were injured with gunshot wounds, cuts and broken bones. Authorities stepped up security in the area to prevent more clashes, and the dead and injured were taken to the Sohag General and Sohag University hospitals.
In Maragha, 13 people, including three women, were injured during a fight that broke out over a line for bread.

 The fight erupted between 27-year-old Emad Selim and seven members of his family, and 25-year-old Saber Osman and three of his relatives. The two sides threw stones and empty bottles at each other, leading to the injury of several people who were rushed to a local hospital.

Prosecutors are investigating both incidents.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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