TV presenter airs chat between Abdullah Roshy’s wife and Iraqi woman Jihan

Journalist and TV presenter Mohamed al-Gheity published leaks of a conversation attributed to Abdullah Rushdy’s wife with the Iraqi woman who accused Rushdy of deceiving her into illegal marriage.

According to Ghaity, Rushdy’s wife Hagar Hamdy had a written Facebook messenger chat with Jihan, an Iraqi woman who accused Rushdy of deceiving her into illegal marriage and sexually assaulting her.

According to the published conversation, Hamdy admitted that her husband was always involved in such relationships and did the same with other women.

Hamdy asked in the chat, “did he marry you?” You had a marriage contract, you mean?”

The leaked conversations indicated that Rushdy planned to travel to Turkey to meet the Iraqi woman, but she came to Egypt instead.

Ghaity displayed the chat attributed to Rushdy with the Iraqi woman, during which he wrote: “Close your bag so that I can make a reservation for you today in a hotel where you will sleep… so that you take an Uber from the hotel to the apartment, because from it is difficult to find an Uber (to transfer you) from the Obour apartment. The bag will be a hassle for you. Prepare it and I will take it. I will come to you in an hour.”

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