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Trump is “ready to go in and do what he needs to do tomorrow,” attorney says

Mary Kay Mallonee

Alina Habba, who represents Donald Trump in several civil matters, spent time with the former president in New York today and said, “He’s in good spirits. Honestly, he’s as he normally would be. He’s ready to go in and do what he needs to do tomorrow.”

Habba — appearing on on Fox News’ “Jesse Watters” — was asked about the “game plan” for Trump’s appearance in court in Manhattan Tuesday and said, “It’s all mapped out.”

She added, “Barring any surprises, I think that it should be smooth. We’re trying to coordinate and cooperate with everybody to make sure that there are no problems.”

On whether Trump can get a fair trial in Manhattan, Habba said, “No, no. I think it’s very difficult. I’d like to have faith in this state, but I’ve been practicing for him now for a couple years and gone to court in New York for a few years, and I can tell you, it’s not the same as representing anybody else.”

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