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Trial of fatal Sheikh Zayed dog attack case adjourned to September 25

The 6 October Misdemeanor Court on Monday postponed the first session for the trial of the husband of TV host Amira Shanab, accused of owning an aggressive dog that caused the death of a neighbor.

The trial was adjourned to September 25.

The accused owned a pit bull that attacked a bank manager in Sheikh Zayed City, which led to his death after his injuries left him in the intensive care unit for two months.

The Public Prosecutor earlier ordered a pretrial detention of the broadcaster’s husband responsible for the dog in Sheikh Zayed City pending investigation.

He was accused of causing the injuries and death of the victim through his negligence by leaving the dog without a leash or muzzle.

The suspect was later released on bail of LE20,000.


A savage attack

The Public Prosecution received a report on February 27 from the victim’s wife that he had been injured, taken to the hospital and ended up in a coma.

The Public Prosecutor ordered the suspect be remanded in custody pending investigation.

Authorities heard the statements of the victim’s family, a neighbor in the same property, and three workers in the residential complex.

The witness statements concluded that the victim had returned home with his son when they noticed that the defendant’s dog was unleashed and un-muzzled.

Worried, they went to the defendant’s flat and asked them to tie up the dog. The victim and his son knocked on the door and a maid opened, and at that instant, the victim was attacked severely by the dog.

The victim was taken to hospital for first aid, but his heart stopped during surgery. He was resuscitated and transferred to the intensive care unit where he went into a coma and soon passed away.

Statements of the witnesses before the Public Prosecution revealed that the dog had previously attacked the victim and a neighbor at the same property.

The victims didn’t report these incidents to the authorities.

Investigations also found that the dog was constantly attacking neighbors on the street because he was able to jump from the wall of the garden of the defendant’s residence.


Sisi orders law against dangerous pets

The Egyptian Official Gazette published the decision of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to issue a law regulating the possession of dangerous animals.

The provisions of the law do not apply to the ministries of Defense and Interior and their affiliated bodies.

The law aims to regulate the possession of dangerous animals and to address incidents in which citizens were subjected to attacks by dogs.

The prohibits the possession of dangerous dogs and animals as a general asset.

It also regulates the possession of non-dangerous dogs and finds appropriate solutions for dealing with abandoned and stray animals.

As well as setting a framework for their protection and care in terms of health and nutrition in order to achieve the preservation of public health and the safety of citizens and in accordance with the standards and recommendations of the World Organization for Animal Health and other specialized international organizations.


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