Trial of defendants in Israeli Embassy raid adjourned

The Supreme State Security Emergency Court adjourned on Monday the trial of 76 defendants allegedly involved in attacks on the embassies of Israel and Saudi Arabia and the Giza Security Directorate until Wednesday to hear the defense.

Captain Mahmoud Hamada, a security officer and witness, said in Monday’s session that he saw one of the defendants paying the demonstrators to continue protesting. Hamada was one of two police officers testifying on Monday, in addition to Captain Ashraf Abdel Gawad.

The prosecution has accused the defendants of violence against civil servants, assaulting policemen, breaking into the Giza Security Directorate, damaging public and private property, and possessing bladed weapons with the purpose of destabilizing public security.

On 9 September, hundreds demonstrated outside the building housing the Israeli Embassy before dozens stormed it. Protesters also clashed with security forces outside the nearby Giza Security Directorate and Saudi Embassy. The clashes resulted in two deaths and left many injured.

The riots came after six Egyptian military and security personnel were killed on 18 August by Israeli forces that, Israel said, were pursuing criminals that killed eight Israelis near the southern Israeli town of Eilat earlier that day.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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