Trial of defendants in Imbaba violence case set for 3 July

The Cairo Appeals Court has set a date of 3 July for the trial of 48 defendants accused in the Imbaba incident.

The defendants will be tried in front of the Emergency Supreme State Security Court on charges of gathering, premeditated murder, attempted murder, jeopardizing public security, inciting sectarian sedition, setting fire to the Virgin Mary Church, and illegally carrying firearms for the purposes of terrorism.

In related news, the Supreme State Security Prosecution ordered the detention of Salfi activist Muftah Mohamed Fadel (also known as Abu Yahia) for 15 days pending investigation on the same charges.

Security authorities arrested Abu Yahia two days ago, on his reappearance in Cairo following his disappearance after the Imbaba incident.

Abu Yahia’s lawyer, Tarek Abu Bakr, said the charges against his client were baseless and that he would submit proof of his innocence to the court.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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