Transport minister highlights new monorail features

Minister of Transport Kamel al-Wazir in a recent speech listed features of the monorail train currently being implemented in Egypt.

Since he assumed the position of transport minister, Wazir said he ordered the development of mass transportation in all of Egypt – Cairo in particular – by using modern, advanced and environmentally means.

Wazir explained the monorail is considered one of the most important means of modern transportation, with many features:

-The monorail is an urban transport method which can work automatically without a driver.

-Its external structure is made of aluminum, so that the weight of the train decreases and its speed increases.

-It has screen doors were installed on the sidewalks in front of the train doors to maintain passenger safety.

-The trains have a high-capacity air-conditioning system and are provided with a safe passage that allows passengers to move between vehicles for more comfort.

-It has TV cameras installed in the front of the central monitoring of the railway, and LCD screens to be used to provide passengers with information. The LCD screens can also be used in commercial ads.

-A screen is installed at the top of the side doors to inform passengers of the name of the final station before they board the train.

-Places have been allocated for people with special needs to help in movement.

-The vehicles are provided with maps at the top of the passenger doors from the inside showing the path through illuminated lamps to help the hearing impaired.

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