Trade unions elections postponed until parliamentary elections

Manpower Minister Ahmed al-Borai announced Wednesday that elections for the board of the Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF), which had been slated for October and November, will be postponed.

During a meeting with trade unions’ heads, Borai said the ruling military council does not want to hold the unions elections until after Egypt's parliamentary elections, which are scheduled to take place by the end of November and last for two weeks.

The cabinet will announce a decision regarding this within the next few days, he added.

The ETUF has been run by a temporary committee since August when a court ruled that the federation’s board was dissolved because its ruling that nullified its 2005 elections were invalid.

The committee will continue its work until the elections are held, the minister said, adding that members who are over 60 years old will not be nominated.

The temporary committee has ordered that various trade unions be dissolved as they have been proven to have committed financial violations, the minister said.

He called on the heads of the remaining trade unions affiliated with the federation to resign after the 27th session, which ends on 27 November, and form administrative committees from the unions’ boards to run them until elections are held.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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