Trade Ministry issues new regulations facilitating licensing industrial facilities

Minister of Trade and Industry Ahmed Samir Saturday 30/12/2023 issued decision no. 493 of 2023 amending the ministerial decision no. 461 of 2018 on rules of granting licenses for industrial facilities.

The amendments stipulate that ratio of constructions should be between 40-70 percent, instead of 40-65 percent.

The amendments come in response to requests by investors as well as efforts to support the industrial sector by ensuring optimization of land allocated for industrial projects through the horizontal expansion in the industrial activities and boosting production, said Industrial Development Authority Head Nahed Youssef.

The allowed height of buildings in the industrial facility will be 15 meters, under the amendments, Youssef added.

Industrial facilities carrying licenses for manufacturing prosthetic limbs will be granted a five-year exception to abide by the announced modifications, Youssef noted.

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