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Tourists spot rare whale shark at Marsa Alam

Divers and tourists in the Red Sea spotted the appearance of a whale shark, known locally as the “Bahloul”, in Marsa Alam on Sunday.

The huge whale shark is a peaceful fish that approaches open beaches in some safe areas in the Red Sea.

Its appearance contributes to revitalizing the tourism sector as it serves as a good indicator of the safety of the marine environment.

Cruise operators in Hurghada explained that the whale shark’s appearance has become more common, arousing interest from tourists.

The founder of the Society for Marine Rescue and Marine Environment Conservation in the Red Sea Hassan al-Tayeb, said in press statements that the whale shark feeds on marine plankton, by drawing in a large amount of water containing, and is therefore a peaceful creature.


Gentle giant

The whale shark owes its name to its gargantuan size.

Though specimen sighted on the Red Sea tend to range between five to six meters, the largest adults can reach up to 13 meters in length. The species is distinguished by the white, polka dot-like pattern on its skin, interspersed with pale stripes.

Toothless, they feed mainly on plankton and pose no danger to humans.

Hunting the shark is banned in Egypt as the species is endangered – part of concerted efforts to preserve the Red Sea ecosystem, which is the habitat of several rare and endangered species.

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