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Tourists pity stray cats in Hurghada, ask bazaar owners offer them care

Throughout their one-week trip to Hurghada, two German couples offered care for dozens of stray cats found near from the hotel, located at the Tourist Walkway, where they were staying at.
The tourists sympathized with the cats, that they said they do not find anyone to offer them food or care.  
On the first day the couples saw the cats, they were only five, however, the number jumped up to around 30 cats on the following days, said Amr al-Badry, renter of a tourist bazaar in front of which the cat gathered. The tourists continued to come to the same place to offer food to the cats without any fear, he added.
On the last day, the woman embraced the cats and called on the bazaars’ owners to care for the cats and not to beat or kick them away. She said she would bring a large amount of food to the cats from Germany, Badry added.
The tourists’ attention to the cats made the owners of the bazaars decide to start caring for the cats and offering them food without hurting any of them. They were even surprised to find that the gathering of the cats around their bazaars attracted the tourists to the walkway and thus to their bazaars.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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