Tourism increases by 14.6 percent in May 2013

The number of tourists in May increased by 14.6 percent, reaching one million, compared to 800,000 tourists in May 2012, according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS).
In its monthly tourism bulletin, CAPMAS said on Tuesday that, although the number of tourists has increased in 2013, the number in May did not reach the same rate as in May 2010, when it stood at 2.1 million tourists.
Eastern European countries sent the most tourists, followed by western European countries and then Middle Eastern countries.
The total number of nights spent in Egypt by tourists decreased by 10.5 percent to 8.8 million, compared to 8.9 million in May 2012. Western European tourists ranked first in number of nights spent in Egypt, followed by eastern European and then Middle Eastern tourists.
CAPMAS also said that the number of tourists coming from Arab countries in May increased by 19.7 percent, for a total of 201,000, compared to 168,000 tourists in May 2012.
The number of nights spent in Egypt by Arab tourists was 9.1 million in May 2013, compared to 4.2 million in 2012.
Edited translation from MENA

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