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Tourism expert announces 35% increase in international trips to Marsa Alam

Tourism expert Abul-Hajjaj al-Ammari announced Saturday that there is a 35 percent increase in the number of international flights coming to Marsa Alam.

During a telephone interview with the al-Oula channel on Saturday, Ammari confirmed that the tourist season is promising in Marsa Alam this year.

He added that the tourism movement in Marsa Alam is witnessing a boom, saying: “Marsa Alam is operating all year round, given that the winter is warm and the summer is mild.”

Ammari continued, “There are some countries who have vacations during the summer and love the beaches of Egypt and the Red Sea in particular.”

He pointed out that at present there are 34 Czech flights, 25 Italian flights, 24 Polish flights, and 23 German flights.

Ammari said that the increase in the number of German flights is different this year because their numbers used to decrease with the summer season.

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