Tourism authority chief: Poland key tourism targeted market

Amr Kady, CEO of the Tourism Promotion Authority, Saturday 16/12/2023 asserted the significance of the Polish market as one of the key tourism targeted markets for Egypt.

Qady was addressing the annual conference of the e-platform -which operates at the Polish market – that took place in Marsa Alam city, the Red Sea governorate, under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, represented by the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority.

Marsa Alam was picked as a location for hosting the conference in light of the city’s major popularity in the Polish market.

The visits aim to expound to Polish travel agents the updates of Egypt’s tourism sector as well as advantages of the Egyptian archaeological destinations.

The Polish delegation taking part in the conference comprised the board members of the platform under its CEO Darusz Gorzny alongside 350 notable travel agents at the Polish market, who have been selected based on their last year’s sales.

A tourism program has been organized for the delegation – on the sidelines of the conference – to the archaeological sites of Luxor city as well as Safari trips in Marsa Alam city.

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