Tobacco company to increase local cigarette prices

The Eastern Company for Tobacco plans to increase the prices of local cigarettes LE1 per pack nationwide Thursday, in accordance with Law 49/2011 and general sales tax law.

The prices of Cleopatra Golden and Belmont brands will increase to LE5.25, up from LE4.25 per pack of 20 cigarettes, while the prices of Cleopatra Box, Mondial and Super brands will jump from LE5 to LE6 per pack

Cleopatra's red and blue packs will now cost LE6.25 instead of LE5.25, while Boston, Light and Lights brands will also cost an additional LE1 at LE6.75 per pack.

A new brand called Style was also introduced at LE6.75 per pack.

Wholesale and distribution outlets have been overwhelmed over the past two days by distributors and sellers trying to stock up before prices spike.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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