Tips on how to stay warm during Egypt’s cold snaps from the Meteorological Authority

Egypt will once again be exposed to moderate and heavy rainfall accompanied by significant wind activity on Tuesday, with the Egyptian Meteorological Authority issuing advice on how to keep warm.

Citizens should dress warmly with heavy clothing and drink warm fluids, while those that suffer from respiratory issues and sinus infections must avoid all windy and exposed areas.

Pedestrians should not approach or touch any electricity poles.

Sailors should avoid any marine activities due to the bad weather.

Drivers should follow traffic instructions, avoid excessive speeds, take care while driving and keep a safe distance between cars.

The EMA recommend drivers not to park cars under trees, billboards and advertisements and that pedestrians keep away from them.

People should avoid exposure to air currents to avoid catching a cold, and stay away from any area with heavy rainfall, especially due to the risk of lightning.

Windows must be kept closed during a thunderstorm.

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