Tight security implemented around 6 October churches

Strict security measures have been implemented around churches in 6 October City, southwest of Cairo, following reported Coptic protests on Monday outside the Maspero state television building, sources said.

Security forces in the area, in coordination with the armed forces, are currently at a heightened state of alert, banning parking in front of all governorate churches in an effort to thwart attempted terrorist attacks, 6 October City security director Major-General Omar al-Faramawi said.

Meanwhile, the undersecretary of the 6 October City directorate of endowments urged all citizens to renounce violence and to avoid seditionist threats against the nation. He called on Egyptian imams to highlight the tolerance and coexistence that has existed between Muslims and Christians for centuries.

In recent days, sectarian clashes in Manshiyet Nasser have left at least nine Copts and one Muslim dead, following a church burning in Helwan.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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