The ticket price is your life

On 1 February 2012, hundreds of young fans went to Port Said to cheer their football team only to fall victims to a massacre that took the lives of 72 of them. Whoever was responsible for this was not brought to account, as if the blood of our sons was worthless.
On 8 February 2015, 22 football fans also died when they went to cheer their team.
You will probably be killed for one reason or another, and it will be justified. You will be killed for demonstrating. You will be killed for holding a rose. You will be killed for answering back to a police officer. And you will be killed for attending a football match.
The new massacre was justified as a group of teenage thugs trying to enter the stadium without tickets, but do these people not realize that those very same teenagers would soon be drafted into the army? Would he not just as easily call them the best soldiers on earth?
In 2014, the journalist Moataz Mohamed heard his friend Al-Sayed Abdallah was killed during a demonstration in front of the Journalists Syndicate while commemorating the January revolution. Although everyone saw the policeman who killed him, Mohamed is arrested on charges of killing his friend. Later he was acquitted and the real killer got away with it.
Last month, Shaima was killed holding a rose. Zohdi al-Shamy, the vice president of her political party, was accused of killing her, although everyone saw the policeman who did it. Later, Shamy was acquitted and the real killer got away with it.
Everybody saw in the video the policemen who killed the 22 fans of the White Knights group. But we know how the story will end. The ones that were arrested will be acquitted, and the real killer will get away with it.
Can you go to the cinema without a ticket? Can you take the bus without a ticket? Can you go to a football match without a ticket? The Facebook page of the Police Department says no you cannot because football matches are only for respectable spectators.
This must stop because a country collapses when power has the word, not justice and the rule of law.
Soon teenagers will realize that the price for attending football matches will be their lives.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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