Throwing trains with stones punishable by up to 15 years in prison: minister

Anyone who throws stones at trains, crosses the railway from an illegal place not prepared for crossing, deliberately damages the train or smokes cigarettes inside the vehicles, will be caught by the Transport and Communications Police.


They will also be referred to trial, and punished with up to 15 years in prison, ‏ said.

Wazir made the statement while honoring a train driver who was injured in his eye after a passerby threw stones at a passing train.

He said that the phenomenon of throwing stones or damaging trains is a national security crime.


The ministry has moved from the stage of awareness and education to the stage of legal consequences


This is in coordination with the Ministry of Interior and the Transport and Communications Police.

Wazir honored the driver Khaled al-Khatib, the driver of train No. 500 Express Sherbeen-Tanta, who was injured next to the left eye after a number of young people threw stones at the moving train.


It eventuated in a broken  front windshield of the driver’s cabin and as a result shattering the glass  and flying particles entered his eye. 

Khatib continued his routine trip bleeding until he reached Belqas station, where he received first aid.


The Minister also honored the assistant train driver for dealing well with the incident efficiently. 

Wazir described these reckless acts as evil misconduct, and a lack of culture and awareness, adding: “But we will not tolerate anyone anymore.”

  He also referred to the theft of railway accessories such as signal boxes, which are the backbone of the railway system and which technically carry out a task worth millions of pounds and are stolen to be sold for small amounts.

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