Three people committed Church shooting in three minutes: investigation

Warraq Prosecution investigations into the Warraq church shooting revealed that the attack has been planned only a few hours ahead, as the attackers viewed a map of the road to the church right before the shooting that only lasted for 3 minutes.
Four people were killed, including two children and a woman, were shut in front of a Church in Warraq in Sunday.
According to the investigation, three suspects committed the crime: two riding a motorcycle and a third driving a car, whose role was to hinder traffic until the crime was committed.
Mariam Nabil, a 13-year old girl, was shot during the attack in the chest, dying the next day in the hospital, while the three-year old Flobatir Ashraf Masiha suffered a shot to the abdomen and was taken to the military hospital.
Before the attack, the three police officers deployed to protect the church were not present while church awaited the guests of two weddings, investigations said.
The car of the third suspect was seen driving down Masbak street adjacent to the church, while the motorcycle was waiting for the car to appear. Once the car blocked the road, the motorcycle started shooting towards the people standing in front of the church, then at the church facade.
The investigations said that the bike then rushed in the direction of the Sahel bridge followed by the car.
The prosecution heard the testimony of three eyewitnesses who confirmed the investigation. They were not able, however, to catch the registration numbers of the car or the motorcycle.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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