Thousands of Sufis celebrate Hussein’s birthday in Cairo

Thousands of disciples of the Sufi orders from various governorates flocked to Hussein Mosque over the past week, amid tight security, to celebrate the Muled of Hussein (Prophet Mohammed's grandson al-Hussein's birthday).
Throughout the week's celebrations, which ended on Tuesday, the Interior Ministry deployed soldiers to the area and checked the vistors' IDs.
The Egyptian General Administration of Civil Protection also deployed ambulances and fire trucks as a precaution.
Sufi disciples sat on the ground of the Hussein Mosque courtyard chanting religious invocations. They also launched anti-terrorism campaigns, expressed support for the armed forces and police and distributed images for the 21 Coptic Egyptians recently killed in Libya by the IS.
Participants stressed they trusted the police could secure the celebration, despite the ongoing unrest in the country which they said would not prevent them from celebrating Hussein's birthday.
A number of cafe owners around al-Hussein Mosque expressed happiness at what they described as the unprecedented number of tourists in the area during the celebration.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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