Thousands of Sufis celebrate birthday of Sidi Shebl in Monufiya

Thousands of Sufis celebrated the birthday of Sidi Mohamed Shebl Ben al-Fadl Ben al-Abbas, known as Sidi Shebl, in Monufiya Friday.

The celebrations come as Sufis have accused members of the Salafi movement for demolishing the shrines of revered Sufi figures.

Sheikh Suleiman Ghanem alleged there is an organized smear campaign being waged to distort the image of Islam.

Attacking shrines violates Islamic principles and the sanctity of the dead, said Ghanem.

The Ministry of Religious Endowments plans this month to implement a program to confront religious extremism following the recent spate of attacks on mosques and shrines. The ministry will hold seminars to emphasize the peaceful principles of Islam.

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