Thousands in Alexandria march to northern district military headquarters

More than 15,000 activists in Alexandria representing a number of political coalitions, movements and parties staged a march from Leader Ibrahim mosque to the northern military district headquarters in the Sidi Gaber neighborhood after Friday prayers.

The most prominent participants in the march were the Wafd Party, April 6 Youth Movement, Democratic Front, Egyptian Socialist Party, Popular Socialist Alliance Party, Youth For Justice and Freedom Movement, People's Democratic Movement, Ahd Movement, Egyptian Communist Party and Socialist-Revolutionary Party.

Protesters raised banners denouncing military rule, calling to hand over power to a civilian government, and calling to amend the law regulating the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Banners also demanded to establish a national democratic government, form a presidential council including patriotic figures, cancel military trials for civilians, cancel the law banning protests, set a minimum and maximum wage, cancel the peace treaty with Israel and end natural gas export to the country, recover Egypt's looted money from abroad, and purge state institutions of corrupt figures, specifically the Interior Ministry.

They chanted: "O pasha, O bey, tell us what the revolution has achieved?" "Come on Egyptians, it is the last day of the Emergency Law," and "O Field Marshal, O Field Marshal, the military will never rule."

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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