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The Egyptian Space Agency signs protocol with China to operate ‘EgyptSat 2’ satellite

The Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA) announced the signing of the “EgyptSat-2” satellite operation protocol, as part of joint Egyptian-Chinese efforts to develop space technology and support peaceful uses of space.

The EgSA announced in a statement that the signing of the EgyptSat-2 satellite operation protocol took place between the CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency, Sherif Sedky, and the representative of the China National Space Administration, Li Jun, during a ceremony held at the Conference Hall of the Egyptian Space Agency Academy, in the presence of a number of experts and engineers from both sides.

Sedky expressed the Egyptian Space Agency‘s appreciation and pride in the joint efforts that brought about the success of the EgyptSat-2 project.

He also praised the close cooperation between the Egyptian and Chinese technical teams that contributed to this grand achievement.

The EgyptSat-2 satellite will be an essential element in fostering Egypt’s sustainable development requirements, he said.

Li Jun shed light on the significance of the EgyptSat-2 satellite in fostering the Egyptian-Chinese partnership in the field of space technology, and that it is expected to boost the development of their space capabilities.

“We recently celebrated together the successful completion of the testing phases of the three models of the EgyptSat-2 satellite, which confirms the commitment of both sides to achieving this unique success,” he said.

“In this context, we reiterate the role of EgyptSat-2 in supporting the peaceful uses of space and promoting sustainable development in the country, by providing accurate satellite images with a resolution of up to two meters, which facilitates the Egyptian government’s determination of water paths, coastal changes, and agricultural monitoring, in addition to detecting land encroachment and other vital applications, and monitoring environmental changes and determining its needs accurately and effectively,” he explained.

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