The AI Nostradamus – ChatGPT makes 7 wild predictions

The Daily Star tasked AI-language model ChatGPT to write its own prophecies with the help of legendary French astrologer Nostradamus.

And the site published the text of a conversation between the AI and Nostradamus, which resulted in seven new predictions over the next hundred years.

Nostradamus was famous for his predictions made in the 1500s which some believe foretold modern events, such as the rise of Adolf Hitler, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and the September 11 attacks, in addition to thousands of predictions that he published in his book Les Propheties 467 years ago.


2031 – The cure for cancer

In it first prediction, the AI Nostradamus stated that a cure for cancer might not be far off, but this discovery would result in a collective struggle between the classes to obtain fair and equitable access to the cure for all mankind.

The prediction says: In the year 2031, the world will witness what has not been done to treat cancer, a wondrous work and a very rare medical boom, but unfortunately the masses will be divided, some will rejoice, some will scold, the rich will hoard, the poor will struggle, a battle to reach societal quackery.


2050 – Natural disasters

Humanity’s fight against climate change may reach its peak in less than 30 years, as the AI Nostradamus warns that 2050 may be a year plagued by natural disasters that terrorize people all over the world.

The prediction says: In 2050 there will be a storm, while climate change will wreak havoc again, there will be fires, floods and hurricanes, nature will unleash a terrible surprise. Man must scramble to find a way to fix the earth before he goes astray. But greed and indifference will take their toll, a stark reminder of the role of humanity.


2060 – The AI revolution

The AI warned that humans might fall into fear and anxiety of the artificial intelligence revolution in 2060.

The prediction says: In 2060, robots and machines will develop, it will be a vibrant revolution. Industries must be reshaped, all over the world. But fear and anxiety will also loom, as jobs and futures are lost. A person must adapt and learn again, to coexist with and penetrate technology.


2074 – Man’s first colony on Mars

The AI Nostradamus believes that humanity will establish an outpost on the Red Planet at the end of the 21st century.

The prediction says: In 2074 the stars will shine, as man embarks on a cosmic dream, creating a site on Mars, a new frontier, a daring journey. Colonies must be established on foreign lands, but challenges await in this uncharted space.


2084 – The fusion of man and machine

AI Nostradamus predicts that the perfect fusion of man and machine, long drawn from the pages of a science fiction novels, will become a reality in just 61 years.

The prediction says: In 2084, a discovery awaits the opening of a new door. A mysterious and great breakthrough in science, unveiling the secrets of our threads. A new frontier of brain-machine fusion, new possibilities for knowledge.


2085 – A new pandemic

AI Nostradamus predicts that an unknown disease will ring in a new era of cooperation between all nations on earth.

The prediction says: In 2085 an unknown disease will rule the world. A pandemic once again with deadly force, humanity’s steadfastness is at stake in this battle, unity and science prevail, and people unite to break the pandemic.

Lessons are learned to cherish health and value life over wealth.


2099 – Peace on Earth

AI Nostradamus predicts that the world peace that mankind has long dreamed of will become a reality in the last year of the twenty-first century.

The prediction says: In 2099 peace will be deep, covering nations everywhere. People will find harmony and it will be a new decade in life. Boundaries and divisions will be erased, as humanity is united by love and grace.

A vision of peace on earth and the triumph of unity.

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