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Testimonies contradict Sherine Abdel Wahab’s lawyer claims against her brother

The Egyptian Public Prosecution has issued a statement that witnesses at the hospital where singer Sherine Abdel Wahab is detained denied the accusations brought up by Abdel Wahab’s lawyer against her brother.

Abdel Wahab’s lawyer filed a claim against the singer’s brother accusing him of assaulting her and forcing her into a mental health hospital.

They received a report from Abdel Wahab’s lawyer accusing her brother and others of assaulting her at her residence, before forcibly taking her to a mental health hospital; because of disputes between them.

The statement added that Abdel Wahab’s lawyer provided a photocopy bearing the medical file number of her at the hospital where she was admitted.

The Public Prosecution asked the hospital’s director general and its medical technical director, whose testimonies completely contradicted the claims of Abdel Wahab’s lawyer, the statement said.

Abdel Wahab’s lawyer, Yasser Kantoush, acknowledged that a medical report belonging to Abdel Wahab confirmed her need to stay in hospital for treatment.


On the other hand her brother confirmed that she was abusing drugs which prompted him to take her to hospital.

Kantoush said, in a televised statement, that the hospital specialists explained that she needed a month of treatment, but she had the right to leave the hospital to be treated elsewhere if she desired. 

Meanwhile, her brother, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, claimed that she was being pursued by a gang as her ex-husband, singer Hossam Habib, was working to destroy her.

Abdel Wahab’s brother stressed that he did not assault her, as was rumored.

Shock and confusion has been tge reaction of Sherine’s fanbase after all of this began unfolding. 

Sources close to Sherine say she is receiving treatment due to psychological issues, and is also in physical therapy for a cruciate ligament injury.

Different sources close to the singer confirmed that she had been in a psychiatric hospital in the Heliopolis area over the past few days, and not in an orthopedic hospital, after she announced a few days ago that she had slipped and fallen and was injured by the cruciate ligament.


Sherine issued a statement earlier in October confirming she maintains great respect for her ex-husband, following their public reconciliation.

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