Ten cheapest European countries to visit in 2022

The tourism sector in Europe is booming and receives nearly 700 million visitors annually, especially as the continent boasts some of the best tourist sites in the world.

In this report, Al-Masry Al-Youm reviews the ten cheapest European countries to visit in 2022, from highest to lowest, according to TheTravel website.


Slovakia is located in central Europe. It is famous for its historical and cultural sites, including ancient castles and medieval villages.

Top destinations: Spiš Castle, Orava Castle, and Bratislava

Budget: About US$106 per day

2-Czech Republic

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Prague is the most famous tourist destination in the Czech Republic, and one of the most attractive capitals in the world.

Top destinations: St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge and Prague Castle

Budget: About $87 per day

3- Estonia

Estonia is classified as a UNESCO-protected ancient city, its attractive capital Tallinn has captured the hearts of visitors to Europe, and is one of the most attractive cities on the continent, characterized by countryside and vast expanses of forest.

Top destinations: St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Narva River

Budget: About $85 per day


It is located on the border between Eastern and Western Europe, and is characterized by its rugged mountains that reflect many civilizations. The country has a rich cultural heritage with monasteries, ornate Catholic churches, as well as modest mosque minarets.

Top destinations: Budva, Kotor, and Njegos Mausoleum

Budget: About $85 per day


It is the green country, and it is the ideal destination for travelers who enjoy scenic landscapes.

Top destinations: Postojna Cave, Piran, and Bled

Budget: About $79 per day

6- Romania

It is filled with history, art, and scenic views. It also has a wonderful panorama of high mountains and hills dotted with stone cathedrals and dazzling monasteries.

Top destinations: Sinaia, Oradea, and Iasi.

Budget: About $65 per day

7- Hungary

A country in Central Europe. It contains low mountain ranges, magnificent rivers, beautiful lakes and vast plains.

Top destinations: Budapest, Transdanubia and Lake Balaton.

Budget: About $64 per day

8- Bulgaria

A country rich in ancient cultures with a diverse landscape. It has magnificent mountains, enormous national parks and sandy beaches overlooking the Black Sea.

Top destinations: Belogradchik Fortress, Melnik, and Veliko Tarnovo.

Budget: About $54 per day

9- Belarus

The country facilitates visa procedures, has numerous cafes and friendly locals which contribute to the increase in the number of visitors each year.

Top destinations: Mir Castle, Niasviž, Brest Fortress.

Budget: About $51 per day

10- Poland

The country possesses palaces and castles, as well as wonderful farms and rural vineyards, and offers visitors a chance to enjoy a friendly experience.

Top destinations: Warsaw, Krakow, and Gdansk.

Budget: About $48 per day


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