Temperatures to rise until Sunday before falling again

Temperatures in Egypt will continue to rise until next Sunday, before falling again starting  the middle of the week, with chances of rain.

The Meteorological Authority expects chances of rain from Saturday until next Wednesday, as follows:

Saturday and Sunday: Meteorologists expect light rains ranging from 20 percent to 30 percent in the cities of Halayeb and Shalateen in the far south of Egypt.

Monday: There are chances of light rain falling on the northwestern coasts and northern Delta governorates by up to 30 percent.

Tuesday: Rainfall possibility rises to 40 percent and ranges in intensity from medium to light over Alexandria and the northern Delta governorates.

Wednesday: Light to moderate rain, with rates ranging from 30 percent to 40 percent will fall on Alexandria, the northern coasts, and the northern Delta governorates.

Sunday is the peak of the rise in temperatures in Egypt.

Maximum temperature predicted on Sunday:

Cairo and Lower Egypt: 25C

Alexandria and the northern coasts: 22C

South Sinai 29C

Northern Upper Egypt 26C

Southern Upper Egypt 30C

Maximum temperatures predicted on Wednesday:

Cairo and Lower Egypt: 20C

Alexandria and the northern coasts: 18C

South Sinai 23

Northern Upper Egypt 20C

Southern Upper Egypt 23C

Meteorologists expect mist on roads heading to and from Alexandria, the governorates of Greater Cairo, the northern coasts, Lower Egypt, northern Upper Egypt, the Canal cities and central Sinai, from Friday to Monday.

Winds will be active on Monday on the western coasts. On Tuesday, it’s expected to be active on the western and southern coasts of the country and in Southern Sinai.

Wednesday will experience  more active winds in Lower Egypt and the governorates of Greater Cairo, the south of the country, and the northern coasts.

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