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Temperatures to hit unprecedented levels this week, warns TV host

TV presenter Lamees al-Hadidi warned Egypt’s high temperatures are part of a global heat wave, which is expected to rise to unprecedented levels this week, which will be the hottest globally in 100,000 years.

Hadidi added, through the “Last Word” program which she presents on the ON channel, that the earth’s temperature increased by 1.5C.

“Climate change is a reality that we are witnessing, and society does not move to confront it except in international conferences. The US and India are witnessing high death rates, and the situation is very difficult, and China expects an unprecedented heat wave,” she said.

The Middle East also recorded unprecedented increases in weather temperature some regions, such as the Algerian city of al-Wadi, which saw highs of 50C, she continued.

“A difficult wave of climate change. People need to be careful because the planet is boiling from the high temperature,” she added.

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority said that the earth’s surface air temperature set a new record, to be 17.03C, which is the highest ever.

The EMA added, on its official Facebook page, that the highest recorded temperature of the Earth’s surface air was 16.88C in July 2016, to come this year and set a new record.

It pointed out that this exceptional rise in temperature always occurs with the onset of the El Niño phenomenon, which increases the temperature on land and in the oceans.

The EMA expected this record to be broken in the future.

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