Telecom Egypt workers threaten to cut internet services

The independent workers' syndicate of Telecom Egypt has threatened to cut internet connections in Egypt unless its demands are met.

“We have agreed to cut off the internet next week if our demands are ignored," said Mohamed Abu Kreisha, head of the syndicate.

The workers are seeking the dismissal of the board and the release of five colleagues charged with attempting to kill the company's CEO.

Aqil Beshir, the company's chairman, said on Tuesday that the minimum wage at the company is LE1800 and the maximum wage is LE4000.

“This is more than what Vodafone pays,” he said, adding that most of the protesting workers have been fired from the company.

Meanwhile, the General Union of Egyptian Labor Syndicates has expressed its support for the telecom workers, but urged them not to cut off internet services.

The workers, who have been on strike for five days, said they would continue until all their demands are met. Twenty-one workers are currently on hunger strike.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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