Telecom Egypt workers fear privatization

The independent union of workers at the Telecom Egypt company has warned company leaders of internal conflict and the workers' fear that Telecom Egypt will privatize.
A statement by the union issued on Monday said: "Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb and the Communications and Information Technology Minister, Khaled Negm, issued a decision to disband the company's board, overthrowing the duo Mohamed Nawawy and Omar Sheikh and appointing Mohamed Salem and Osama Yassin on May 27, after Nawawy refused to grant the three mobile phone companies discounts on the price of infrastructure leasing."
The statement referred to a conflict between two parties within Telecom Egypt; the first is the minister and his supporters who want to offer discounts to mobile phone companies by any means necessary, according to the statement, and the second includes worried workers who are afraid of the failure of Telecom Egypt officials, leading to the closure of the company.  
The statement criticized the minister's interference in the company's affairs and expressed people's fear of privatizing it.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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