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Telecom Egypt announces price increase to prepaid landline packages

Telecom Egypt announced an increase in the prices of prepaid landline packages, which went into force on January 11 – days after the company announced an increase in the prices of its landline internet packages.

Telecom Egypt said in a statement that the prices of prepaid landline packages increased by five LE on all packages.

It also announced that it had raised the total expenses for requesting and installing the landline, including tax and stamp, to LE203.40 instead of LE115.03, but kept the expenses for submitting the request for installing the landline as it was at LE17.5.

Installation expenses were raised from LE72.5 to LE150, an increase of more than 106 percent, bringing the total requesting and installation expenses without stamp duty and value-added tax to LE167.5 instead of LE90.

The company raised the prices of landline internet packages by more than 30 percent since January 5, with free browsing of educational and government service websites.

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